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Zabou has been bred on May 8/9/10, 2006 by CH. Sél. TALISMANIK de la Chaume du Bois Dieu (HD-A, CSNB-clear, ERG-clear, selected France 2005 and Spain 2006, Champion France/Luxembourg 2005, Youth Champion Luxembourg 2003). On July 12, 2006, the longed-for puppies arrived: 2 males and 6 females.

Zabou & Talis

Nine months of testing ...... nine months of checks ...... nine months of continuous intense treatment of Zabou against the Mycroplasma bacteria she caught from the stud when she had been mated the first time ...... for the second time within nine months a long trip to the stud with partly mixed feelings (2800 kilometers tour retour) .......
The lane was very stony, but it was worth it: the ultrasounds on June 7, 2006, were positive, as can be seen here. All the further checks were also great - the amniotic fluid is clear, the hearts of the small ones are beating regularly.





Ultrasounds 06/07/2006 Ultrasounds 1 on June 7, 2006 Ultrasounds 2 on June 7, 2006 Ultrasounds 06/15/2006 Ultraschall 26.06.2006 Ultrasound 3 on June 26, 2006 Ultrasound 1 on June 26, 2006 Ultraschall 04.07.2006 Ultrasounds 2 on July 4, 2006 Ultrasounds 1 on July 4, 2006

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But the checks and treatments must be continued in the future if Zabou is intended to be bred with, otherwise we won't again have any chance for another litter, as being once infected by Mycroplasma they will never again disappear.

My warm thanks goes to the team of the obstetrics clinic in the Veterinary University of Vienna, and I want to place some special and heartful thanks in this place to Dr. Schäfer, who has through all these months never spared any effort to treat and check Zabou, so that she had the greatest possible chances for finally having puppies. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, DR. SCHÄFER!!!

Talis - June 18, 2006

But for the moment it only means to have fingers crossed that everything is ok and that beginning of July 2006 out of Talis and Zabou healthy fawn puppies are born.

On August 7/8, 2005 Zabou has been bred by CH. Sél. TALISMANIK de la Chaume du Bois Dieu (HD-A. CSNB-clear, Champ. FRA 2005, Youth Champ. LUX 2003).

Talis & Zabou

The ultrasounds nearly five weeks after the mating was already negative, today we have been for an x-ray: Unfortunately there will be no puppies out of this breeding. The antibiotics against the infection, which Zabou got from the stud at her last (and even very first) breeding, was not enough till the mating day. What a pity .......... But we are going to have another try next year - again with Talis.

My "special thanks" goes to the stud owner of the first mating with Zabou, namely that she cares so very much about the health of her dogs. With the heavy infection of Mycroplasma bacteria by the stud she has managed that the chances, that Zabou turns pregnant, were more than low. Eventually she has destroyed the breeding career of a beautiful, endearing and very promising brood bitch. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Also a way to put other breeders out of the running ......

And here a message for all those who spread the rumour only 10 days after the mating of Zabou, that Talis is INFERTILE: such statements can only originate from sick brains!!! Put your own over and over dirty house in order first ..........!

This rumour can be disclaimed with results, as Pascale was for an examination concerning bacteria with Talis and had also done a sperm check:
Talis ist NOT infertile and he has (OF COURSE) NOT been infected with Clamydia by Zabou!



TAKE CARE, something like this could also happen to you!

(August 5, 2005) Zabou is in season and shall be bred, but it does not run without problems:

She has bacteria (Mycoplasma) with which she must have been infected - according to the information of the veterinarians in the gynecology clinic of the Vet. University Vienna - ONLY in the course of a mating, as the infection with that bacteria happens by this way. Zabou had been tested for germs and bacteria prior to her FIRST breeding (as ALL my bitches always are with smear and blood picture) and she was ABSOLUTELY CLEAR, of which the results of the Vet. University Vienna from December 2003 give evidence! (The bitch which had been mated previous to Zabou by this stud, had been empty, but had puppies with other studs.)

If until the mating day the antibiotics are not enough she might remain empty. Also the stud has to have antibiotics now to not be infected. Whether the bacteria are gone after the 14 days treatment with antibiotics or not, can only be checked shortly before Zabou's next season. When they still are present, the "game" repeats ..........

How "happy" I am about this, everyone can for sure imagine!

Zabo” has only been mated ONCE and has been empty that time ..........

Any reasonable breeder has his stud(s) frequently and his bitch(es) in the beginning of a season checked for germs. Nevertheless, since some years many stud owners (this kennel also does) insist that the bitch owners present a result concerning Canine Brucellosis and Chlamydia previous to the mating, to not have their studs infected ... and this act is absolutely understandable! Because of the irresponsibility of some dog owners it is now also necessary for the bitch owner to have presented an up-to-date result according germs of the chosen stud!



Zabou had been bred to ARMAGEDON de l’avenue D’Artagnon on Dec. 30/31, 2003. Unfortunately the girl was empty (status March 3, 2004). Now it's meant to be that we are waiting for a next season of Zabou's.

Thanks to all the many friends and applicants - who had been waiting and hoping for a puppy from Zabou - for their trust in the kennel de la Maison du Garde-Barrière.


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Ultrasounds 2 on June 15, 2006 Ultrasounds 6 on June 15, 2006